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We design and manufacture jewellery
The jewelery we have made on behalf of several companies are of high quality. The factories that produce for us are quality assured. 

Our crown represents women standing in a circle holding each other's backs as we lift our hearts to heaven. This power is also in the 'Princesses' which are for sale in the online store; the wearer receives this energy through the jewelry - a supporting hand, that makes it easier to lift the heart to the sky.


Helén has worked with energies and power for more than 20 years, as an energy intuitive, Yoga and Reiki master teacher. She  insert heart-energy into the crowns. Everything we produce is heart-consecrated.

Design / Production


In BeeKi Skincare's logo there is a beautiful bee. We have produced this as a pendant in gold-plated brass and sterling silver. You can buy the jewelry here.

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