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We specialize in the sustainable production of textiles,

jewelery and products for businesses.

House of Good People works closely with factories and schools that lift people - especially women, who have somehow ended up in a difficult situation. Many women live with major challenges without education or work.

Some children are born without the necessary papers and fall outside the school system, for example in India. There will also be women who, for various reasons, are ostracized by their own families. We want all women to be able to learn to read/write, work and earn their own money, as well as being able to send their children to school.

With joy and transparent lines, we create unique opportunities with the desire that everyone can provide for themselves and their families. We want to help create a difference where good craftsmanship, tradition and sustainability permeate all aspects. We focus on honesty, thorough work and a positive belief that everyone can contribute.

Helén R. Løddesøl

Helén is energy intuitive, and has worked with the energetic part of humanity and earth for close to 30 years. As both Yoga and Reiki master teacher, she regularly teaches both disciplines - with healing and life-force as a focus.

She has always been creative, and seized the chance when she had the opportunity to travel to India and learn more about production with a friend who had extensive experience in this field. It's a jungle out there, and the world can seem both raw and cynical in so many ways. How people are treated is a big topic. With House of Good People, Helén and her team want to help companies that are concerned with sustainability and the environment to choose good products. 

Helén is grateful for the opportunity to contribute in 'lifting the world' in several ways. The desire is to influence by uniting pure, true power with creative design and sustainable production.

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