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We are concerned with good quality - because it gives good energy. 


That's why we use 18 carat gold and 925 silver. 


Deep down in the earth there are oars with boatscrystalline and metallic elements; such as different stone qualities, gold and silver - deep within us humans run corresponding veins with corresponding energy, we can balance and support these energies by wearing different crystals/stones, gold or silver on the body.


For many of us, it is intuitive what we need, and therefore want to carry.

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Silver energy is closely linked to the moon and follows the rhythm of the moon. It teaches us balance and is most strongly activated in the human body at full moon. This is also a good time for silver energy, and a good opportunity to release blockages that prevent the free flow of Silver and the delicious feeling of balance. 


The silver energy influence the fluid balance in the body, is connected to the DNA molecules and inherited physical and psychological traits. This gives the opportunity to release thought- and action-patterns that are bigger than ourselves. Silver energy is also about polarities and opposites. An important concept when it comes to the Silver energy is to notice whether you are reactive (reacting to something others have started) or proactive (starting the movement yourself). If you have a lot of silver energy you are more reactive, if you have little silver energy you are more proactive.


Silver energy gives power and recharges empty batteries, but note that if you are very reactive, you have a lot of silver - then you can actually become 'slower' by topping up with more silver. The probability is high that you would rather be drawn toward gold if there is too much silver energy. There may be too much silver energy if you struggle with restlessness and insomnia at a full moon - then moonstone and gold can be a very good solution!


Gold energy is a powerful energy, and has been consciously used in many cultures, especially for spiritual purposes. It has a strong impact on the cells. When initiating new roles and tasks, Gold energy acts as a direct connection to ancient knowledge. The purpose of Gold energy is to have contact with your own wisdom. The energy focuses on how you perform your tasks; with what intentions. Communication with other people will improve when you know how to use Gold energy. 


When Gold is underactivated, we can become like sheep who follow without question. If there is too much Gold, we can enter into power and manipulation games; with the urge to force our truth on others. 

Read more about the meaning of the stones here

Contact information

Organization number: 824 462 372 

We hope you will be satisfied with the goods! 

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