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The meaning of the stones

Stones and Crystals interact with all living things, such as us humans. Each stone has its own power and 'specialty' if you like. We can therefore enjoy working with different stones at different times.

For many of us, this is completely intuitive; we are drawn to what we need. Like making us want to wear a special ring or some particular earrings. If you want to wear the pearls, maybe it's because you need the energy they can give you?
The stones attract energies that need to be healed, and it is therefore important to clean them at regular intervals. There are several ways to do it; for example, hold the stone under running water and see that everything that should not be there 'runs off', or if you are lucky enough to have Reiki 2, you use the symbols as you have learned - it is magical!

All stones/pearls we sell through House of Good People are both cleansed and activated to give their new owner the best possible experience.
The stones love the light of the full moon, and to lie in the window on the night before the full moon – it is said to be one of the most revitalizing things for a stone. 

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AVENTURIN is an adventure stone! The key word for this stone is abundance, it is said to be one of the most auspicious crystals - that's why it in Norway also is called Eventyrine! Eventyr =  Fairytale

The auspicious energy shows us that nothing is impossible. It opens up new possibilities, anything can be done. It is an 'abundance stone' that gives us luck in both love and work when we open to its energy. Aventurine provides lightness and cheerfulness as well as surprising experiences. It can promote a more optimistic mindset that will make stepping out of your comfort zone less daunting. It dissolves old grief and helps us to have brighter, more forward-looking thoughts. 
Like many other green stones, Aventurine is also linked to the heart chakra, but also has a great impact on the other chakras. Aventurine gives a carefree feeling of self-confidence and has a great impact on vision, both internally and externally. It is well suited for meditation and visualization, and can be of great help in a development process. 


MOON STONE is a spiritually expanding stone, the stone of destiny. It is strongly associated with the energy of the moon and balances yin, the feminine energy, with the energy of the body – our inner rhythm. All 'female imbalances' that have to do with fertility, menstruation, hormones or the menopause can have a positive effect from Moon stone (preferably together with carnelian). Moon stone is considered to be one of the best crystals for fertility. 
Where other crystals bring things to the surface, moonstone heals and strengthens. Moonstone energy gives strength to stand in own feelings, own life, and to set good boundaries. It's like it 'smoothes everything out' and leaves us with a good feeling. The ruby helps us deal with our paternal ties, the moonstone our maternal ties. 


PEARL is the precious stone of the sea, and it supports our path towards uniting with and understanding our own inner self. It starts as a small grain of sand and ends up as a beautiful pearl. Not unlike the diamond (which starts as coal and ends up as a diamond) it helps us in our own transformation. Everything is possible, it helps us overcome our limitations. Purity and clarity in both body and mind are the pearl's foremost characteristics. All internal organs and functions are activated by using the pearl. We hide our emotions and tensions in this area, and all emotional imbalances are helped better by the pearl than by any other stone. The water element is harmoniously close to the pearl - water is emotions. The pearl is also associated with the moon and is great getting into balance with the moon's energies. Light pearls promote the feminine energies and are particularly strengthened at full moons, while dark pearls strengthen the masculine energies and are most affected at new moons.
The pearl gives an overview, clear thoughts and strength. It is also good for protecting yourself from other people's energies. If you want to get in touch with the real values in your life, the pearl is great to work with. The pearl is introspective and confronts you with yourself. It often acts as a mirror, and the process follows its own development history. You enter your deepest chambers (usually these are closed), dissolve resistance, then develop strength and beauty.

Smoky quartz

SMOKY QUARTZ is grounding stone number one. It is both stabilizing and grounding, with centering energies. It strengthens the root chakra at the same time it is cleansing. It provides support for awareness work, while balance is the key word. It 'lets light into the darkness' and helps us to let go of what we no longer need, what inhibits our growth and development.
The crystal has a frequency that gives us a feeling that there is a safe platform inside us. The smoky quartz also provides a protection in the aura, which helps us keep negative frequencies out of our own energy system.

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