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Causes we support

House of Good People produces Norwegian design for companies. With transparent and honest lines, we want to make trade meaningful. We are concerned with high quality and sustainability at all stages - inclusive, fair and full of joy for both people and the environment.

It started with Helén having the opportunity to visit her godchild Pinky when she was in India in 2019. Pinky has been her godchild since she was 9 years old, and is the same age as Helén's youngest daughter.


For 10 years, Helén had a picture of Pinky hanging with her own children above her desk before she got to meet her. The meeting in the SOS children's village was powerful, Pinky talked about her dream of becoming a teacher. She would like to do a master's degree, but didn't know if it was possible. Helén's thoughts went to her own children who have been able to travel and study the world over and become exactly what they want to be - that's how everyone should feel! 

House of Good People want to support young people who otherwise do not have the opportunity to get the education they want. For now, the first step is small donations; like donating 500 school uniforms to a school in Thailand, or   support from individuals - such as helping Pinky towards her dream of becoming a teacher.

Many women live with major challenges, such as lack of opportunity for education or work. At House of good people, we want to make a positive difference in the world by creating high quality products in an honest, transparent and sustainable way.

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