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Sustainability in every level

House of Good People produces Norwegian design for companies. With transparent and honest lines, we want to make trade meaningful. We are concerned with high quality and sustainability at all stages - inclusive, fair and full of joy for both people and the environment.

We check everything we can to ensure that everything is as proper as possible. Before starting production in India, we were there to look at the various locations. We have great faith in seeing with our own eyes that everything is as we want it to be, and are proud of the cooperation we have with factories where we know that the employees are doing well.

We give extra support to the factories which also help to support local school schemes for disadvantaged children. 

We have refused to cooperate with several factories where we have met employees who bear the mark of not having a good workplace. 

House of Good People creates sustainable products with transparent/honest lines and a desire to lift women who are in a difficult situation. Our goal is to promote good craftsmanship, tradition and sustainability throughout our business, and contribute to making trade more meaningful.

Our logo symbolizes women standing in a circle, holding each other's backs and lifting their hearts to the sky. This represents our collective strength and determination towards a brighter future. We aim to give women the opportunity to learn, work, earn their own money and send their children to school. We create unique opportunities to support themselves and their families in ways that bring them joy.

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